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Episode 19: Navigating 1031 Exchanges with Max Hansen and Jonathan Barge

February 02, 2024 Koby Rickertsen Season 2 Episode 19
American Land Seller Podcast
Episode 19: Navigating 1031 Exchanges with Max Hansen and Jonathan Barge
Show Notes

In this insightful episode of The American Land Seller, we are honored to host two distinguished guests from Accruit, Max Hansen and Jonathan Barge, who bring a wealth of expertise in 1031 Exchanges.

🌟 About Max Hansen, JD, CES®, Managing Director:

With over 40 years of experience in 1031 Exchanges, Max Hansen is the Managing Director at Accruit. A member of the Idaho, Montana, and Utah bars, Max is a seasoned legal advisor who conducts seminars and provides national guidance on Section 1031 exchanges. Born and raised on a cattle and sheep ranch in Southwestern Montana, Max's roots in agriculture run deep. As a Gold Card member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, he combines legal acumen with a passion for ranching, still swinging a rope across ranches in Montana and Northern Utah.

🌟 About Jonathan Barge, JD, Senior Director:

As the Senior Director and Staff Attorney at Accruit, Jonathan Barge is a leading expert in utilizing IRC 1031 to help taxpayers defer capital gains, depreciation recapture, and net investment income tax through 1031 exchanges. Jonathan's extensive knowledge covers a wide range of 1031 Exchange transactions, from land to commercial property, oil and gas rights, perpetual easements, long-term leasehold interests, timber rights, to fractional ownership interests like Delaware Statutory Trust and Tenancy in Common property interests. His expertise extends to all aspects of 1031 Exchange transactions, both large and small.

🎧 In This Episode:

Join us as Max and Jonathan unravel the complexities of 1031 Exchanges. Learn how landowners, investors, and real estate professionals can benefit from tax deferral strategies, understanding the vast array of real property interests that qualify for tax deferral. From ranching roots to legal intricacies, this episode explores the endless possibilities within 1031 exchanges.

🔔 Why You Should Listen:

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just stepping into the world of real estate, this episode provides invaluable insights into the strategic use of 1031 Exchanges. Max and Jonathan's combined experience creates a dynamic conversation that sheds light on the nuances of tax-efficient transactions.

👉 Tune in to Episode 19 for a deep dive into the world of 1031 Exchanges with Max Hansen and Jonathan Barge!

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